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MechWarrior Online
Mechanized... War... Robots.... Three words that should send images into your head of crappy melodramatic Japanese anime, a bad Kinect game, some attempts in games that were alright, and an era of sadness and despair for most of the Planetside community (except for you shameless BFR pilots). But in the land of Mechanized War Robots where all that is "meh" lives comes one knight in shining armor, the long awaited MechWarrior Online!

What at first seemed to be World of Tanks on two legs has shown itself to be a truly amazing revival of the MechWarrior series with it's amazing environment, sweet looking "mechs" and the ability to pack enough firepower to make a mile-and-a-half tunnel through all of the Himalayas. Customization is shown to be the key of this game with players allowed to outfit their mechs with an array of weapons, armors, engines, and defense systems.

Not pumped for this game? Check out the video below!

If you want to run some groups or just need a buddy to play with, do what Uncle Cohort says below!

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written by Varuuu - 05.10.2012 - 09:20